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Don't Force it!

In any aspect of life, friendships, romance, jobs, customers, clients and family, if you force it things usually end badly. At a minimum its harder to enjoy what you are doing. Think about some of your favorite friendships, jobs, or projects. They usually start with some kind of curiosity that evolves into interests and passion. This same thing applies to whatever kind of success you are seeking. When you create goals that excite you, where the process (systems you create) and the prize are both exciting and inspiring for you, you will find that the work doesn't feel like work.

Forcing it can come from picking goals and striving for things that you don't really care about. Maybe you only want that promotion because your circle of friends are striving for career success and you want to compete. Maybe you are chasing money because you think that will change your life.

Things that feel natural or easy will help you flow, challenges will excite you and drive you to think of new ways to overcome them.

"Don't force it" is not to say that when something gets difficult you should give up, just that you should stop and check if you are up against a challenge that you are excited to tackle and if you are pushing yourself towards a goal that you truly care about. If the answer is "Hell yeah!" then by all means push yourself.

It's ok to be selfish with this, you are not doing anyone else any favors if you're slogging along not having any fun and being unhappy.


"Don't force it" is a frequently used quote for me and I use it in all kinds of situations. When it comes to working on your rig, I can't emphasize this enough. Countless times I have tried to force a wrench and stripped or busted a bolt. I have also countless times caught myself, backed up a step, checked what I was doing and found I had the wrong piece or didn't have it set right, and glad I didn't force it.

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