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Don't forget to celebrate your wins!

We need to celebrate to feel the joy of our accomplishments in a physical way, this is how we are connecting joy with the work we putting in towards achieving our goals. Anything that feels good in our bodies we tend to want to repeat so we are sending the message that we enjoyed the outcome of the work we put in and now its time to release the good times!

I recommend celebrating early and often! Now that does have to tempered a little because it can be too much. Like anything the right time and amount is up to the person and the accomplishment. When I first started taking my Jeep out I celebrated climbing steep little hills that were only 25 - 50 feet high and it was exhilarating because it was new to me. Now I do those little hills no problem and look for big rocks, gnarly inclines, off camber situations to tackle and celebrate. If you are new to a task or type of work and have a hard time getting started, find a small milestone to achieve and celebrate. As you grow in that area you'll find it takes a bigger challenge to make you struggle and feel like celebrating. You can also celebrate that :)


So our Jeeps and 4x4's celebrate too, it's just hard to see the smile in a metal grille and bumper but, you can see the joy on the face of a driver who conquers a big obstacle! This is central to most off-road enthusiasts' reasons for wheeling in the first place. Looking at a big daunting obstacle, planning how you will crush it, stepping on the gas peddle, and then getting over it (especially if you fail the first time and have to try more than once), is EXHILERATING!!! That moment of victory is what all the hours in the garage, all the dollars on parts and gas, are all for! The celebration is what we came for! We celebrate making it over each tough obstacle and then at the end of the day we celebrate with some good food, a few choice beverages around a campfire and retell the tales of challenges won and lost. That's what it is all about.

Any aspect of your life will have this, there will be work, effort spent, wins and loses, then there will be the payoff. The outcome we are seeking, of all the work we do in all areas of our life, is to have a happy life. To create a life that brings us joy. Always keep in mind the point of all this is to create a life that brings you joy! Those are different things for everyone, some want to have it all and some want to have nothing at all.

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