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Creature of HABIT

I've recently read a book called Atomic Habits by James Clear, I highly recommend that you go read it, if you are looking to stop habits that do not serve you and start ones that do; it will accelerate your life!

The key to having habits that you want, is to work at the level of Goals and Identity not just work at the level of the habit. A habit is an action that you repeat with little to no thought, you just do it.

Three levels of habits

  1. Goals

  2. Systems (routines)

  3. Identity


To evaluate your habits you'll need to understand where you are going, what things, experiences, lifestyle, are you moving towards and what are moving away from. Setting goals of what you want your life to be like and where you want to be will give you something relative to evaluate your habits against.


These are the habits that you will break, create, and improve to meet your goal.


Every time you do any action you are confirming to yourself that you are the type of person who does these things. The more times you take your Jeep out on the trail, the more you will feel like an off-roading trail rider!


To put this into action, let's say you set a goal of building a hardcore rock crawler. Your system or routine is going to have to include buying, fabricating and installing heavy duty tires, drivetrain, suspension and engine to build something capable of hardcore rock crawling. When you are done building, you will have a rig that you and other people will be able to identify as a hardcore rock crawling rig. So that is how it works, let's look at how it doesn't work to expose how when we do not change all three of these we tend to fail. Let's say you have the same goal but your system is just bolting on a bunch of cheap weekend warrior upgrades. When you get to the trail other people are going to identify your rig as a budget weekender (or worse, a mall crawler). If you get out on a hardcore double-black diamond trail it will break down and you will fail to meet your goal.

Setting a goal is not good enough, even if it is really inspiring. You have to develop habits (a system) for achieving it and become the person (identity) who accomplishes it.

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