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Updated: Oct 28, 2022

The power of decisions!

If you are married with kids and happy about your family life, you can look back at the moment you met your husband or wife, the day you got engaged, and then married as the decisions that started it all!

If you are single and that statement makes no sense to you, look at something in your life that you are proud of or excited about and see where the seeds of that achievement were sown. You'll likely see that it all started with a decision to do something, go somewhere, buy something or befriend someone.

Decisions are the power tools of progress! To decide means to cut away all other possibilities. It gives us the focus to know what exactly to do next.

This is my story of how I got my Jeep which turned into a ton of adventures and this blog. I was finally doing well financially and wanted to get a new vehicle, I had done plenty of research and knew what I wanted in a vehicle but had not found one that fit the bill. After lots of looking I settled on a Subaru Crosstrek. It's roomy, comfy, reliable, and ready for adventure. I never even ended up test driving one! On the day I was going to the dealership and do a test drive a coworker told me that his Jeep Wrangler was his most unregretable purchase and it made everyday feel like an adventure, I was intrigued. So I went to the Jeep dealership thinking I couldn't afford one and that it wasn't going to be for me. Well my girlfriend at the time (now wife), went with me and we test drove, looked at the numbers and decided we could do it! That moment in my life sent me down a path I could not be more thankful for!

I really like Tony's guide to making tough decisions, it can be found here on his website.


If you head to a 4X4 park, look at the trail map endlessly and never decide which trail to try you won't be doing any wheeling that day! It seems over simplified but the truth is that we need to make decisions to define what our next step will be. Once you decide which trail to run, you point your rig in that direction and hit the gas. Any goal you create will require to create strategy to achieve it and therefore you'll need to make decisions about how you are going to proceed.

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