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HOW Am I Doing This?

A follow up to why....

I am using the blog like a journal for myself and I share it with anyone who wants to read it. I have discovered that having a journal to document my own growth and development is extremely valuable to me. It allows me to see how far I have come and to compare my current self to my past self.

I am using the adventure metaphor because I believe it works so well I and I enjoy it! When I think of work as an adventure and play it like a game, it becomes more fun while putting in the work. Which is what helps me get the results that I am seeking, the only thing that separates me from what I want is the work.

I am gathering the knowledge and information that has been most useful to me in one place. I am pulling these ideas, concepts, values, principles, tools, tips, techniques, etc. from books that I read, stories I hear, and experiences I have. This is surely not a complete list nor is it a compilation of answers to all the questions. It is more of a guide and workbook for finding the path, following the path, and returning to the path when I stray from it.

I will not pretend to be the author or originator of any of these things. I will simply organize them and present them in a way that makes sense to me and hopefully makes them relatable to more or different people than the format that they were originally presented. Wherever possible I will site the source of the information, to give credit to the source and to provide you with a source of more information on a topic. Again, my intent is to summarize, translate, compile and document these things, for my own use and for others who find it helpful.


How you intend to use something dictates a lot about its construction. For instance, if you intend to use your 4X4 as a daily driver and off-roader you will do some modifications but some of the most extreme mods are off the table, like full time locked differentials or tires of a size that are not street legal. Also, some of these mods are just hard to live with on a daily basis. Now if you are using your 4X4 as a rig that you trailer out to the trail, you'll do some very extreme mods and you'll take out some of the daily comforts like AC and power windows, since they will not serve the way you intend to use your 4X4.

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