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Knowledge VS. Wisdom

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Knowledge is about gathering information and storing it in your brain. Wisdom is about action, it is knowing what to do and when to do it. There is that famous quote "knowledge is power." But that is only half the story. I like to specify that "it is not the acquisition of knowledge, but the application of knowledge, that is power." Reading a book about rocket science is certainly different than landing on the moon. Hidden in that saying is another little key that unlocks a lot of power for you to be able to accomplish that work that separates you from what you want. This is you don't need all the knowledge to start taking action, you can go further with limited knowledge and massive action than you can with massive amounts of knowledge and limited action. Experience beats information in most cases. Especially if you approach your experiences with an open and curious mind. You'll gather lots of information using more of your senses when you experience something vs reading about it or watching a video of it.

The MetaphorX4 is this, when you have the chance to meet different types of off-roaders you will find some people who work on their rigs meticulously and purchase the top of the line upgrades but don't go out often or don't push their limits, they baby their rig. That is like knowledge, you have all the parts you are just unable or unwilling to use them. Then there are people who buy cheap rigs and do minimal upgrades or find ways to beef up stock components and get out there often and wheel hard. I find the guys who go where they want to go and run it without fear of breaking have the most fun.

So if you are thinking about getting a 4x4 and going out wheeling I highly recommend getting something cheap and running it stock, then seeing what upgrades will help you the most in the places you like to wheel. For me I wheeled my Jeep stock for a few months and could not make it up some obstacles, then I did a 2" spacer lift and upgraded to 33" tires (trimmed the fenders too). I walked up some things I couldn't even get over before. My driving experience grew alongside my Jeeps abilities and that allowed me to make faster progress.

This easily translates to all areas of your life. Start where you are and make small upgrades as you gain experience. Don't be afraid to try something because you don't have all the knowledge, skills or tools to do it well.

Be brave enough to suck at something new.

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