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On a role!

You are one person, you'll go many places and meet many people. Who are you in those places and to those people. It's just like a movie each character plays a different role and you are the star of your life!

Defining who you are in different places and to different people will help you to discover which aspects of your life you want to work on most, and while working on those roles, not forgetting about your other roles. Our brains can only hold so many thoughts at once and its taxing to hold too many at once, so write it down. Think about how great it feels when everything goes your way. You wake up and have a great workout, you go to work and your boss is appreciative of your latest work, you come home to your partner who is excited to see you, your kids are listening and behaving, everything is working out for you. How did that happen? Are the stars aligning? is it luck?


On to the MetaphorX4, let's say you have an awesome trail ride. You go fast over the whoops and bumps, you crawl over massive rocks, you plow through mud and wade through deep water, you pull yourself out of sticky situations. You overcome all these obstacles to put together an epic adventure and feel your spirit soar. What went into that?

You have to break it down to the components that helped you and the role each played. Going fast in the whoops and bumps takes great shocks and springs. Crawling over massive rocks takes big tires, proper gearing and some armor. Wading through deep water takes a big lift or a snorkel. Pulling yourself out of sticky situations takes a good winch. Oh right, and I have to drive it home at the end of the day. If you are like me you built your rig (or are thinking about it) over time and didn't just buy tens of thousands of dollars worth of parts to upgrade it all at once. Even if you do it all once, you need a vision for all the ways you'll use your rig. I had to look at each role my Jeep would play and create a vision for how I want it to work and look. This allowed me to work on one small area at a time and put them all together in balance and harmony to go on big adventures.

Look at the roles you play in your daily life and create a vision for each of them. I am a husband, father, son, brother, dog owner, athlete, Jeeper, blogger, manager, IT guy, entrepreneur, mentor and community member. Take the most important ones to you, evaluate where you are and envision where you want to be in each of those areas. Each goal will require a strategy or system. That strategy will include tasks you must complete and you will need to schedule those tasks. Looking over all that you want to do will help create harmony among your roles, which will give you balance and momentum.

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