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Foundation of Success

Laying a strong foundation for your success is a must. In MetaphorX4 terms; if you want to know how big the tires are going to be, look at how strong the axles and frame are. You can't roll big meats on weak little axles!

In my article Wrench Time I offer the simplification that success at anything is "you vs. the work". If it's that simple to achieve what you want then why does it seem so hard? Because despite our best intentions, making a commitment and sticking to it is difficult if you don't create the right habits and routines. I highly recommend the book Atomic Habits for more details on creating the habits that will serve you and your goals.

In Atomic Habits, the author talks about how goals are often over used and over valued. If every driver at King of the Hammers has the goal of winning but only one driver wins, then you can't say it was the goal of winning that got him there. It was the system they built to achieve the goal that created all of the results. When I say system I am referring to how they practiced, prepared for the race and, maintained every detail of their vehicle. Each of these areas are made up of actions that are repeated over time and ultimately produce a result of races won and lost. It's the race teams with the best system that wins most often. Creating habits of the actions that produce the best results will ultimately create a habit of winning!

This is one of those things where you will need to know yourself and find what works for you. Exactly what I am suggesting is, trying a ton of things that will mostly fail until you find a few that supercharge your days!

My foundation for success is as follows...

  1. Wake up early, 4am.

  2. Drink water and coffee.

  3. Stretch, workout, or meditate or combine them in Yoga.

  4. Journal, read or write these articles.

  5. Review my visions and goals, look at my progress and see where I still need to put in more work.

  6. Evaluate my current habits to see where I can improve or where I need to create a new habit to produce the outcome I am looking for.

  7. Make a few goals for each day and plan my week.

  8. Do some kind of physical activity at least 3x per week.

I don't do all of these things all the time, I do most of them most of the time, and that keeps me on a steady pace in the direction I want to go. Some of these will work for you and you will surely need to add your own.

These things are my foundation, you'll notice that they aren't habits that will fulfill any of my specific goals, they are the habits that keep me energized, focused and happy so that I can do all the things that will fulfill my specific goals.


If you have the goal of taking your 4X4 on a few big trips each year, habits like completing the scheduled maintenance on your rig, keeping your garage and tools organized, hitting the trails to keep your skills fresh, reading trail maps, and researching the areas you want to visit will serve you well.

The goal is the outcome or results that you want and its biggest purpose is to inform the system you will build to achieve the goal.

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